Are you worried about your roof every time the weatherman mentions strong winds or hail? Don’t
let your outdated roof be the eyesore of the neighborhood.

Let's walk through the Platinum process.

  • We start by sending our FAA licensed pilot out to inspect your roof with our state-of-the-art drone,
    and AI technology. We take photographs of your roof from all angles, looking for any damage
    caused by recent storms

  • Our AI software reviews every photograph to identify damage. Our trained roof specialist will interpret the data and devise an action plan to repair all mechanical and storm damage identified.

  • One of our Roofing specialists will then come to your home to go over the roof report with you, explaining any damage that was found and giving you a full understanding of the current health of your roof. If the roof has storm damage our roofing specialist will walk you through the process of filing a claim with your insurance provider.

  • Your roof specialist will partner with you to make the insurance process seamless.

  • After insurance approves your claim, your roof specialist will help you select the color and style of your new roof. They will then work with our production team to order all materials and schedule all labor. Installation is usually completed in 1 day and your beautiful new roof is complete.


  • An FAA licensed drone pilot will be dispatched to your home prior to your appointment date to perform your complimentary drone inspection

  • The drone pilot will perform their inspection using our state-of-the-art technology with cutting edge software designed specifically for roof analysis, producing high quality images of your roof

  • The majority of flights can be done from your driveway, or another flat surface around your home, so it is not necessary for you to be home during the inspection

  • All images will then be processed through our AI (Artificial Intelligence) software to identify damage and reviewed by our in-house roofing expert


After our inspection, you will receive the following

  • Our drone's flight path

  • Aerial photographs

  • Detailed images of hail/wind damage found

  • Counts of hail impact points on each section of the roof


On the day of your appointment, here is what you can expect:

  • Your roofing specialist will arrive to your home promptly at the designated date and time

  • You will receive a report illustrating any damages found

  • If there is storm damage to your roof, your roof specialist will walk you through the steps involved in filing a claim

  • If you decide to proceed with a claim your roof specialist will be there to help you navigate the insurance process

  • If there is no damage found, your roof specialist will still provide you with your report and photographs of your roof

  • They will also add you to our storm watch program so that we can reinspect for you, free of charge, if another storm passes through your area


Should we identify storm damage on your roof:

● You will need to decide whether you wish to file a claim with your insurance
● Our specialists will answer the myriad of questions you may have about your insurance claim
● You can file your claim over the phone or online. You will notify the insurance company of the type of claim you are filing and the date of loss, which your specialist can tell you
● Once the claim is filed, you will be contacted by an insurance adjuster to schedule a time to review the damage
● On the date of the appointment, the adjuster and your Platinum Roofing Specialist will come out and inspect the roof. He or she will then decide if the damage meets the insurance companies’ coverage policy
● Following approval, our specialist will bring you the contract, which will outline the scope of work to be performed. Upon signing the contract your job will move into production


Once your insurance claim is approved the fun part begins. You get to select the color and style of your new roof. In no time, you will have a beautiful new roof. Here is what this final process looks like:

  • Your sales consultant will come to your home to help you select your new roof shingles. You will be shown a selection of colors, in the same category as your previous roof. You also have the option to upgrade to a higher-end shingle, if you wish to pay the difference to move up in shingle composition and warranty coverage

  • The day prior to your installation, your roofing materials along with a dumpster will be delivered to your home

  • The installation crew will arrive early the morning of your installation, as well as our project manager. Installations generally take one day. Larger roofs, or additional work could stretch that into a second day in rare cases

  • Upon completion, our project specialist will walk the property with you making sure the installation was completed to your satisfaction. You will also find that the surrounding area has been cleaned

  • Your installation project is now complete. You now have a beautiful new roof, paid for by
    your insurance!